We just delivered 5,500 pounds of seafood around Colorado this past week. It was right on the fringe of winter but we got to you in the knick of time.

We decided to try something new this season and we think it worked exceptionally well. Thank you all for using our sign up method to pick up. I was pleased with how smooth and efficient it made our delivery process.

Fishing is about so much more than simply catching. It’s equally as important for me to know who we are feeding. As difficult as it is, to meet a masked person for the first time, I still enjoy delivering fish myself. It allows a rare opportunity to meet our customers face to face. I believe that good food fosters good community.

Thank you for your continued business and referrals. You are the best marketing we have and we appreciate each and every one of you. We look forward to seeing you again in the Spring.

2 thoughts on “2+ TONS OF FISH & 1,500 MILES LATER

  1. Gary Cooper says:

    Ms. Anderson, This is Gary Cooper, Service Manager for Polar King Mobile. Congratulations on your success, I was pleased to see the pictures with the Polar Mobile unit in the background, I hope it performed well for you. I am passing along your blog to others on our team I hope that is fine.
    We wish you all the best for you and the Sierra Gale Seafood family.

    • sierragaleseafoods says:

      Thank you for the comment Gary! We love our polar king trailer and feel more confident on the roads with such a solid quality piece of equipment that we know will go the distance. Thank you for sharing our page! All the best, Sierra

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