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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You are not the first to ask 😀

    Yes, most products are also availible by the piece. Buying in 10lb quantities allows us to pass on the most savings to you.
    For one person eating salmon once or twice a week they will eat ~10lbs every 1-2 months. Everyone goes through it a lot faster than expected.
    In May and again in November we hand deliver to Colorado towns on our delivery route. We update our delivery schedule with our route and schedule two months prior to delivery.
    You can save 30% over shipping by picking-up your fish. In order to keep our storage costs down and the customer price low, we deliver seafood to our customers on a bi-annual basis to the specified towns. We do one fall order and one spring order. As we continue to grow, we hope to expand our reach to deliver to other mountain towns and communities. See our delivery schedule to view the latest delivery locations & schedule.
    For an additional charge, we will deliver to your home if you are located in a town we are already servicing.
    You will receive an email with confirmation of your order. If the delivery schedule is not published at the time of your order, you will receive another email when the schedule is published. Come to the pick-up location you selected at check-out during your date and time and your fresh frozen fish waiting for you in our trailer.
    It doesn’t! As long as it’s really really cold. Seriously though, ‘best by’ dates are based on storage temperature and packaging. Keep it near 0F and the air-tight packaging intact and it will last years. We’ve eaten fish after three years in the freezer and it tasted great. If you’re concerned about taste, handle your fish carefully so that the vacuum sealed package remains airtight.