Delicious Scallop Tacos

I made scallop tacos last night, and they were the bomb dot comb. I might just be my own best customer here but, hey, I think everyone who ordered scallops would love to try these. They are so easy and melt-in-your-mouth yummy!

A 1.25 lbs scallop bag is enough for 4 to 5 people to have 2 tacos each. 

After scallops are thawed, dust scallops in a mixture of corn starch and a little salt. saute them maybe a minute each side. Remember you can eat these raw, so they are just as good when undercooked. I always err on the undercooked side. 

In a food processor you can shred some red cabbage or just finely chop. Peel the cilantro leaves off the stem. Slice your avocado. 


  • Cilantro

  • Red cabbage

  • Avocado

  • Scallops (4 scallops per taco)

  • Tortilla Land Raw Flour Tortillas (doesn’t have all the bad ingredients) you can get these at City Market

  • Pesto. Get the good stuff! All you need is a tablespoon spread on tortilla

  • And grilled red onions

Shizam. Best taco ever.

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