From Sea to 10,000 ft

It was so great to see everyone this fall! We delivered roughly 5,000lbs of fish to communities throughout Colorado. From North to south and east to west we covered over a thousand miles and all the while training our little 2 month old how this family business works. It’s only a matter of time before he’ll be asking for the keys right?!

Topping out at just over 10,000 feet and home to one of the largest Aspen groves in the United States, Keblar Pass is one of our favorite scenic stretches. From Crested Butte to Glenwood Springs we might have been one of the last vehicles to take this road before they closed it for winter.

Some customers arrived by bike to pick up their orders; others on foot with their backpacks or wagons full of fish. But all were excited to meet the newest addition to our family business. At only 7 weeks old Leif was a trooper! Managing a baby in a small space with working deadlines was a bit of a juggling act. Luckily Leif loves Diesel engines and fell right to sleep at the rumbling vibrations.

Despite the winter weather days experienced in the high mountains we stayed warm in the van with our Espar 2200W heater. That’s about as tech as I will get but if you have any questions about our delivery van set up, comment below and I’ll have Eric chime in! From 80 degrees to below freezing, we experience every temperature during our 5 day stretch. 

I have to say, without Eric I couldn’t have made it happen. Not only did he drive 95% of the miles, he kept van and trailer in working order. If anything broke, he fixed it and his calm made it easy to roll through any challenge or obstacle that came our way. I feel pretty lucky!

Leif made the most of our small van living space and started his rolling escapades. Gotta keep an eye on him because he will be crawling in no time!

Favorite camping spot was Hartmans rock in Gunnison. We arrived by night so had no real sense of the view until we woke up. But the stars on BML land just beyond Montrose on the way to Telluride was beautiful too!

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