A Collection of Photos and Videos

Life is extreme at sea. We experience long days and nights at sea during peak season. There are times of patience and waiting, and then other times of intense work with all hands on deck. We enjoy the mix of it all and appreciate the adventure of the catch.

Fishing videos

These video highlight the commercial fishing experience in Alaska.

Blackcod Fishing aboard the Kruzof

Get ready to be hungry! We are excited to introduce you to our newest flavor and favorite of all whitefish. Introducing, the F/V Kruzof, a 59′ a hook & line catcher processor boat based out of Petersburg Alaska.

Here is a look into my Aunt and Uncles fishing operation and the steps they take to ensure the highest quality seafood on the market today! Because of Blackcod’s global demand most of this product has typically been exported and yet to be truly discovered by Alaskan visitors or even the American pallet.

How We Catch Salmon

Wild | Natural | Sustainable

Here is a video I made for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. Meet our crew and get to know how our salmon fishing operation in Chignik Alaska works.

Commercial Fishing Alaska

Here is a video snapshot of salmon, blackcod and halibut fishing. We are thankful to be a part of an industry and community of people that work hard to feed the world with healthy, wild, and sustainable food. We love fish!

Record Fishing in Chignik, Alaska

Record breaking seasons prove that Alaska’s management practices work and remains to this day the global model for sustainable fisheries management.

Our awesome commercial fishing industry produces over $4.6B wholesale value worth of healthy Wild Alaska Seafood and is the highest employer in the State.

Purse Seining Alaska

Purse Seining is just one way of catching salmon in Alaska. Here is a short video of myself talking about the basics of how we catch salmon via the purse seining method.