Handled with care, from Alaska to colorado mtn towns

We have been delivering Alaskan Seafood to customers for over a decade. We consider it a privilege to bring you fresh frozen seafood that is healthy for the whole family. We work hard over the summer months so people can eat well throughout the year.

Our customers know they can depend on great quality seafood from Sierra Seafood, so they buy bulk bi-annually through our Delivery Groups to save on shipping costs.

We often gather together for sushi parties or sample tasting so that they can experience different flavors and recipes and know they are part of an incredible community of wild seafood enthusiasts.



This is hands down the BEST Alaskan seafood. Sierra and her team make the process easy and provide the highest level of customer service all the way down to local delivery.

We never miss the opportunity to order, it’s that good!

–Katie Stamp, Customer

“Mouth Watering Wild Scallops”

Being from the east coast, and now being land locked, I have craved fresh seafood for years and years. So grateful to have found Sierra and her family, as they are providing my family and our community with the very best.

Fish that I could use for sushi, the most mouth watering wild scallops, cod for primo tacos, non-fishy smelling salmon that tastes oh so fresh. And so much more! Hope you get to try it!

–Robin N.

“Easy Online Ordering”

Thank you for another great order of wild caught Alaskan seafood! This time I ordered the Black Cod. I love the mild taste and tenderness of this fish.
Never again will I purchase seafood from the grocery store. This seafood is so much tastier and healthier than the selection at the grocery store. The salmon and Alaskan cod are terrific as well. The cod is versatile and can go with just about any flavor – I like to put it in curry. The online ordering and pickup was easy.
–Cristena Ward

“High Quality Product”

I LOVE Sierra Gale Seafoods!!! Product is amazing and excellent service. I actually ran out of my fish right before a new order came in and had to buy salmon at the grocery store… I could definitely tell the difference…Sierra’s product is such high quality that I won’t go back to the fish at the grocery store again!

–Elisa Zeiset


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