Seafood Deliveries Were a Success

Thank you all for meeting me last week to pick up your Alaskan Seafood! It is one of my favorite times of the year, seeing your smiling faces and reconnecting with all my customers. I was surprised at some of your orders this year! But proud as you were branching out to trying new products! Be sure to let me know if you have any new favorites!

Buying Club Deliveries

Buying Clubs are a special opportunity for customers to save on shipping costs, as I can ship all the products from Alaska at once in bulk. There is much to coordinate, though, on the backend to ensure timeliness and quality of the seafood.

My seafood is shipped directly to a facility in Denver with freezer capacity. I pick it up from there with a Freezer Trailer, load up all the seafood, and then drive it back to Summit County.

Bringing fresh frozen product all the way from Alaska is a spider web of logistics, and when one layer of transportation gets interrupted, sometimes we have delays. So we appreciate our customers accommodating the time and date changes due to weather and unexpected delays.

Fall Available Products

In addition to traditional favorites like salmon and tuna, this year I had rockfish and extra scallops. But sure to check out my recipes here and keep an eye out for new recipes in my newsletter to keep experimenting with new flavors and side dishes.

More Seafood To Order

I still actually have some products available, so if you missed the deliveries or want to stock up on extra for the long winter, you can still place your order here, and we can arrange for a special pickup or delivery.

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