This week is the anniversary of the Sisters of Skimo film that premiered last season at the 10 Mile Music Hall in Frisco. In the wake of COVID, its film tour schedule was abruptly halted.

The premier was a huge success last season; I loved seeing so much of our community come together in the name of a sport not known by many. Fortunately, the film’s sponsor, Howard Head Sports Medicine just released the film online so if you have 20 minutes, check it out!

This film is about so much more than sport. Now more than ever we need to come together and work to build one another up. Whether your community is family, sport, school, or at work, I hope this film serves to foster inclusivity in all areas of life.

Never give up on your goals, and never make those goals, more important than the people and the relationships around you.


Howard Head Sports Medicine presents, “Sisters of Skimo,” the journey of Sierra Anderson and her fellow female competitors in ski mountaineering racing, as they vie to qualify to compete at “the Olympics of Skimo,” the World Championships in Switzerland. Along the way, Sierra and her “sisters of skimo” will discover what it means when the competition lifestyle goes beyond just who stands on the podium, and becomes a journey about family and camaraderie in sport.

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