Spring Deliveries 2021

Eric and I finished up our Spring deliveries this past June moving 4000lbs of wild fish to 180 customers around Colorado. It’s been fun introducing Eric to everyone and experiencing your excitement over our fish. Sometimes I find the travel exhausting, but it’s so motivating seeing old customers and meeting new ones.

Special guest Aunt Rhonda also joined us on this seafood road trip.  She and my uncle catch our Alaskan Blackcod (also known as Sablefish) so she got to see her fish go full circle from Alaskan waters to Colorado Mountain towns. From sea to door we try to help you know your source.

We’ve spent some time preparing our trailer and van for fall deliveries…oh yeah, and a baby!

Once we got our van outfitted for deliveries we were ready to begin the journey. Starting first in Denver we then made our way south to Colorado Springs before making a quick lunch stop in Canon City with a friend.

Salida is one of our busiest and most community centric locations. Despite the thunderstorm showers we faced, that didn’t stop some of our customers from pedaling their way to us to pick up their order on their bikes! We have the coolest customers.

After delivering in Crested Butte we broke up the delivery schedule with a stay over in CB and a beautiful hike in the mountains. 9 miles later we called it a day and enjoyed some King Salmon in the comforts of our van and the beauty of this mountain town.

Heading to Telluride from CB we faced our first major road block which redirected us on the CO -133 S scenic route and unfortunately added a couple extra hours to the journey. The beauty made up for the loss in time and thankfully our Telluride community was accommodating to the delay. We were wishing we could have had more time to visit in this beautiful town but with our delays we had no more time to spare and hungry customers awaiting us in Grand Junction.

Following GJ we spent another evening glamping in the van overlooking the beautiful palisade region. The next day we made our way back to Summit County which included stops along the way in Glenwood and Vail. Our final round of deliveries brought us full circle back to Summit County, and some quick stop overs in Alma, Fairplay, Buena Vista and Leadville.

I was thankful to have Eric with me this round, especially being pregnant now. It’s a little harder moving this much fish around the state. After two solid weeks of prep and delivery we are proud to have another safe and successful delivery under our belt.

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