Sushi Dad

Sushi has always been a big part of my life. In fact raw fish was one of my first solid foods as a child. For Father’s Day I want to recognize the fisherman/father/chef who inspires me in the kitchen.


Sushi is as fun to make, as it is to eat. This year, my dad made a sushi feast to celebrate my sister’s birthday.

You can do this too! Sushi is a fun and interactive way to entertain and host parties. Here are some easy tips when it comes to sushi making.

  • Quality fresh frozen fish. All of our seafood is sushi grade. I recommend scallops, salmon, and tuna. For California rolls use crab legs or purchase lump crab meat in container.
  • Dry fish. The fish is full of moisture so it is important to let your fish/scallops dry out on a paper towel for a couple hours prior to making.
  • Rice is key. I would say this is the most important part of making sushi. For sushi rice you can use Calrose or any ‘sushi’ branded rice. They can be purchased from any grocery store. Prepare this in advance so it has time to cool. Make sure you clean the rice by rinsing off the starch. If you can  swing getting a high quality rice maker I highly recommend the Zojirushi induction rice cooker. Following their instructions will give you a perfect sushi rice!
  • Season the rice. Mix in a dissolved solution of sugar and rice vinegar. about 1Tbs sugar to a 3 to 4 Tbs of vinegar. Don’t overwork the rice, either when seasoning or when creating the bed for nigiri sushi. Your sushi rice needs air to make good sushi. Rice paste just doesn’t cut it
  • Water bowl on hand. Dip your hands in the water to keep the rice from sticking to your hands prior to forming your roll.
  • Sharp wet knife. A sharp and wet blade will help your knife glide through the roll without smearing and tearing.
  • REAL Wasabi. Avoid the watered down artificial paste stuff in the grocery store. You can get the powdered wasabi at Whole Foods or online.
  • Sushi Ginger. My dad normally makes this homemade. Avoid the fake pink stuff in the store and go with this one if you want something closer to the real thing. You can also find sushi ginger at Whole Foods.
  • Wrap your bamboo in plastic/cling wrap to prevent sticking
  • Basic veggie ingredients to start are green onion, cucumber and avocado.

Sushi was made for being social so begin by grabbing a few friends, fresh ingredients, and start rolling. You’ll get better with practice and each roll. You might even surprise yourself at how easy it actually is.

Here is a recent video clip of us rolling sushi with our friends Jimmy and Sabrina who tried it for their first time and did great!



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