With all the negative news surrounding COVID, I want to share some some happier news. Despite the disruption that we are all experiencing under this cloud of COVID, I have found a silver lining to these last several months: I met and married my husband. We eloped with a simple ceremony near Lake Dillon, CO in June 2020.

A mutual friend connected us while I was racing in Europe last season. After the initial shock of learning we shared the same last name, we really hit it off. We talked via phone for 6 weeks before he flew out to France to meet me in person. We spent two weeks in the Alps before we both returned to a world completely changed due to COVID.

We grew closer together through this pandemic and we were ready to start our lives together. We wanted to plan a wedding but the realities of the situation and travel restrictions made a wedding unfeasible. So with the blessing of our families, we eloped in a beautiful place overlooking Lake Dillon. We hope to have a formal ceremony with our friends and family in the future.

Life is a beautiful journey and I feel blessed to have an incredible partner with whom to share it. I am looking forward to sharing pictures with you all of our adventures as we continue in life together as Eric and Sierra Anderson.

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    • Lisa Blake says:

      How incredibly, wonderfully exciting. Congratulations to you dear friend. Wishing you endless happiness and blessings.

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