What is Fresh Frozen?

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Sometimes people wonder what exactly “fresh frozen” means. Here is some info that may help to understand the process and value of “fresh frozen” seafood from Alaska:

  1. All our fish is fresh frozen meaning it’s frozen right after catch…to preserve the highest freshness that you want to taste as if you just caught it. You don’t get this in the grocery store.
  2. Most of what you find in the grocery story is re-processed multiple times. Every time a fish is re-frozen, re-processed into fancy packages the cell structure breaks down and eventually you get that “fishy” smell that only comes when a fish is not in fact fresh. We call it “tired”.
  3.  Unless it is farm salmon (which is its own health concern) any WILD caught fish you purchase in the grocery store that is “fresh”…it is just thawed out. It was all previously frozen at one point. And if it wasn’t….then it’s been sitting on display for multiple days and that screams anything but FRESH.
  4. Everything I eat was previously frozen because that for me is the closest thing to fresh off the boat.
  5. It’s also very easy to cook right from frozen too. I can pull a piece of salmon out of the freezer and have dinner in 20 minutes. No inconvenience. I have directions on how to cook right from frozen on my website here. 

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