Why FRESH FROZEN is the optimal choice 

Don’t let the word “fresh” fool you. In fact it may come as a surprise to learn that the best quality fish on the market is the one that is often frozen. It is also a major win for sustainability. It decreases our waste and takes advantage of seasonal bounty to spread its availability throughout the year.

Our Blackcod, aka, the “Fillet Mignon of white fish”, is frozen at sea right after catch to ensure the highest quality in the industry.

The “fresh”-looking fish at the counter may be weeks old, and, these days, a good portion of it might be labeled “previously frozen” — all of which means that frozen can be fresher, or at least in better condition.

2016 study funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation that tested consumer preferences for fresh black cod and coho salmon vs. frozen (both bought at retail) found that the frozen fish, simply baked, were both rated superior or equal to their fresh counterparts.

The study also measured the quality of those frozen and fresh fish, based on the conductivity of cell structure, and found that the overall score of the frozen fish was at least three times higher than the fresh fish.

Check out this video by Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute to learn more about our fresh frozen practices.

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